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Making health our top priority to
live a rewarding & Wholesome life.

MARAMA Wellness

We are a wellness studio, striving to help our community pursue healthier lifestyles.  We have a beautiful space to offer Yoga, Functional Mobility Programs, private Wellness Coaching, and an infrared Sauna.


These are tools that we want to make accessible for everyone - from 20 year old athletes to middle-aged parents to retired grandparents, and everyone in between.  We are excited to play our part and serve the community to the best of our abilities - helping our friends, family and neighbors feel more energized, empowered and connected than ever before.

We hope to create a small community of like-minded individuals who are ready to buck the trends of modern society, want to make their health their top priority and plan to make their best efforts to live a rewarding and Wholesome life. 

Green Forest

“After 1 month, I'm pain-free and we've gotten rid of the limited movements that were holding me back.  I still have more to work on but my energy and positive outlook is back...
I feel like "me" again..”

- Cindy

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The hardest part of any journey is often the beginning.  Deciding you would like to make a change and then actually taking the first step is a truly monumental achievement in itself!  Go you!  But keep it going!

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