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Our Mission

To Promote Movement, Improve Mobility, & Increase Energy
  • Your Physiology drives your Psychology --- Science says: feeling good physically will help you feel better mentally.

  • We advocate for Holistic Wellness - Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Let's learn to move our bodies in natural ways - to move with ease through functional real-life movements - pain free.

To make healthier lifestyles more Accessible for our Community
  • We will strive to be as available as possible -- Extended hours for private classes & consults

  • We will strive to be as affordable as possible -- Low prices and rewarding higher commitments

  • We will strive to be as adaptable as possible -- Having classes/services for every age, body & skill level

Impact over Profit
  • We will strive to be fair: with a Money Back Guarantee for every service. 
    Why would we collect a payment if you do not feel you have received any value?

  • We will strive to be welcoming: Beginner's Yoga and Sauna 1st time use is on the house!   
    Let's make sure there are no excuses for giving a healthier life a shot.

  • We will strive to be ethical: we will offer Scholarships for those who can't afford our already Low prices. 
    We strive to offer the most Value for the least.  

Our team

We are excited to be having conversations with some local instructors and health practitioners and can't wait to bring them on to teach classes, lead workshops, and share their talents & experience with the Studio. 

More info coming soon!

Matthew Wilde

Owner - Wellness Coach

  • Born & Raised in Norwalk

  • Used Yoga to fix a "bad back"

  • Favorite Food: S'mores

Certified Yoga Teacher, YTT-200

Certified Heroic Performance Coach
Certified Nutrition Coach

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